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I’m Dave, and I deleted most of my possessions — house, car, extra clothes, everything — and left, alone, with just a backpack of necessities. I moved from the U.S. to a remote area of Central America where humans are the minority, and just returned to live on the road for a while, in a truck camper, and document my adventures around North America.

This is my intentional experiment around what it means to really live. What exactly happens when we decide to just…leave? What happens when someone actually does drop out? When someone walks the talk of saying, “Screw it!” to American life, corporate life, secure life, whatever. When we seek out the sort of life we really, really want. Not the type of life we think we need or the type of life we feel obligated to live. And what does it take, practically speaking, to start over after decades of living another way?

I post about the things I see, feel, and learn as I squirm like a reptile out of my old skin and grow into the new. I invite you to follow along.

Professionally, I am a freelance writer and outdoor photographer. I’ve worked in print magazines, web, and books for the past 15 years. If you like what you see here and think I could help address a need for words or pics or editing — or stories in general — email me at: ReStartExperiment@gmail.com.

I’ll post regularly here, on typically a weekly basis. For more of a daily recap, I use my Facebook page to fill in the blanks between posts with my latest informal phone pics and random thoughts, so follow my Facebook page.

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  1. And thus it begins… a step into the unknown world of freedom.

    Happy for YOU…and I look forward to following you here. Rock on.


  2. We did this when I was too young to remember anything else – it’s a fantastic way to grow up, mostly because you have no idea what your parents are going through trying to maintain it. We also didn’t have email etc, so there was the struggle of finding out that my grandfather had died – we got the telegraph on the day of the funeral. On your own & with the resources you seem to have behind you, I think it’ll be a fantastic adventure. I’ll be following you to hear more. 😃

  3. Wow, dude! You’re nuts! In an awesome way. You’re doing what lots of us would love to do but don’t have the courage to actually go through with. Looking forward to reading about your new life.

  4. What an inspiring journey that you’ve embarked on brother! I’m looking forward to following along with you. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Good luck, Dave. Let me/us know how it goes. My hunch is that in a peak-oil, climate change, “long emergency” world, many will be following your lead.

  6. I just seen you on the highway went to your website just to see what it was about I think you’re great man doing a great thing email me I think you in Thomasville North Carolina keep it up gotta keep it up

  7. Hey,

    I almost followed you off to the rest stop on 87 to chat ya up. Wish I did, especially after finally reading FAQ.

    Well, where to next? Any chance you’re stopping in Albany? I tried to email ya but it seems the address is down.



    • Hey…I’m in Albany now! Staying tonight and tomorrow night. Email me at ReStartExperiment at gmail and we can get together!

  8. Hey, i saw your camper on Beach and Brinley in Bradley Beach.I can leave some organic produce that I grow in my garden where my mom lives in Bradley Beach right by where you are/ were. not sure if you are still there but if you are I can give you some stuff if you are on a budget… mainly tomatoes. Thinking of travelling this winter myself. Saw you this morning while off to work unloading surfboards and the sight of an old camper gets me in good spirits for some reason. Okay, I’ll see what I can get together for you if you want.

    • Thank you chuck! I just left Bradley Beach. 😦 I LOVE homegrown tomatoes and appreciate the thought! Unfortunately i wont be able to enjoy them. I did enjoy a few ankle-slappers near the jetty yesterday on my 9’6″ though! Sounds like I’ll miss a little swell tomorrow. Feel free to follow along and keep in touch.

  9. We just followed you in your camper from Augusta to Bangor Maine on the highway! We saw your web address while we were at the same gas station as you were. After seeing your truck off and on as we traveled north, my wife finally decided that we needed to go check out your site. Your truck was a “sign” to us as we are at a crossroad in our own lives. We will be following your blogging adventures! You inspire us! Safe travels to you.

    • Sorry Tim…we are taking the far northern route through a bit of canada and currently passing over the lakes and will go thru the upper peninsula…sorry i will miss you!

  10. We saw your camper in Forks, and again at Ruby beach today. So we had to look you up! I’m excited to follow along on your journey now :). Best of luck in your adventures!

    • Thanks Rikki! Heading down toward Portland now. Thanks for following! Wish you the best. Peace to you and yours. Dave

  11. Saw your truck this morning in Portland Oregon. Thought I would see what your restart was about. Will put this in my things to check up on.
    Wish you good times in your journey.
    Also would like to let you know that your camper unit has no running lights just turn and brake lights. Be safe out there and take care.
    Thanks for taking the time it include others.

  12. Dude I just saw you at in and out in Orange County and trails. Cool what your doin brah! Have a good day

    • Thanks! Had some fun sessions at san-o/point. Used to live and surf and shape out here (l.a.), so gteat to say hi to the old spots. Thanks for following!

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