How I Live, Part 3 / What I Do

In this four-part series, I first detailed my accommodations and then gave survivalist refrigeration tips. Today, I’ll make it easy for stalkers and Big Brother and detail what exactly I do all day:, hammock, costa rica, jungle living, writer

Yep, that’s about it. Lay in a hammock all day. Not exactly, but it’s not too far off either…

With this new way of living, I take my days very intuitively. It depends on how I feel. I don’t have to go into an office for work, and while I do work, I don’t need to work 8 to 10 hours a day. Screw that. My days are mostly defined by the environment: How is the surf? How are the tides? Is it raining?

So every day is different. However, there are some typical things, a typical pattern I usually follow. So although it varies, for the past couple months, my typical day has been as follows:

  • Wake up shortly after sunrise, around 6:30am. Lay around a bit.
  • Walk to the beach out front and check the surf.
  • Get online, usually in the hammock. Check emails, blog stats, chat with a friend online. Journal.
  • Eat breakfast. Usually either Eggs in the Basket or granola cereal.
  • Meditate and stretch. Sometimes I’ll do this on the beach or at the natural pool at the end of the river that spills into the ocean.
  • Get online. Start writing a blog. Chat with a friend. And/or journal.
  • Hike (with surfboard) and check out the various surf spots to see which is working best with the swell angle and tide.
  • Surf for 3 hours. Hike back home.
  • Eat lunch. Usually rice, black beans, canned tuna, tomatoes and avocado. And maybe harvest and drink some coconut water, then bowl the coconut into the compost pile.
  • Stretch again.
  • Get online, check emails and chat with friends from the hammock for a couple hours.
  • Snack with PB&J.
  • (Sunset at 6pm)
  • Eat dinner, usually sautéed veggies with a little beef or chicken, with rice and maybe black beans.
  • Get back online, chat, FB, etc.
  • Get in bed by 9, with computer online, fall asleep by 1030.


[^Coconut Bowling.]

As you can tell, while my life is very close to nature and I am quite physically active, I still spend lots of time on the computer, especially online. The truth is, it’s not like there are many places to go socialize out here. With the exception of Fridays (dance night) at Martina’s bar, chatting with friends in the water while surfing, and occasionally visiting neighbors, there’s just not a ton of social activities available. People come here to get away from it all. So online socializing fills in that social gap for me. Also, my work now depends on the Internet.

But I’m not sitting in a cubicle all day. I may be online, but I’m in the hammock, surrounded by tropical wildlife. There are no walls. I get interrupted by monkeys every afternoon. I take surf-check breaks. I’ll go ride the bike. I’ll go for a short hike. I’ll go skinny-dip in the natural pool. On weekdays or weekends, it doesn’t matter.

Life online is just a part of life now. I don’t feel guilty about it. My livelihood, like most people’s, depends on it. And it doesn’t keep me away from nature — they are not mutually exclusive — it helps me share my natural experiences with others.

So that’s what my life has been like the past few months. The particulars of my situation may change, but I expect and plan for two constant facts in my way of life: Stay connected to friends and occupation online, and stay in tighter connection with nature.

Next post, I’ll tag off of this, get a little more abstract, and delve a into why I do what I do.

2 responses to “How I Live, Part 3 / What I Do

  1. Ok, now curious what kind of work you are able to do to support yourself while in the jungle. Love the blog.

    • thanks Kristy. i’ll touch on that question in a later post, although i addressed it in my FAQ. I’m a freelance writer. But at the moment, it’s more about living with as close to zero expenses as possible. I have almost no bills other than food expenses. I own nothing that requires maintenance or insurance, etc. Short answer is I’m living off the money I got from selling everything. And yes, that’s not sustainable indefinitely. So the income thing is in progress.

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